Mit dem Handy eine Fanbase aufbauen


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Ein ordentlicher Start in die Musikkarriere beginnt laut musicthinktank mit der richtigen Benutzung des Handys. Die Seite, auf der die Musikindustrie laut denkt hat ein Interview mit Helen Keegan, ihrerseits mobile marketing, advertising and media specialist geführt.

"Where is a good place to start for artists just beginning to think about a mobile strategy?

The artist should probably start by using their mobile phone to create and capture content themselves—short video footage, podcasts, moblogging, photographs, Twittering etc. All this can be done instantly and cheaply from a mobile phone and helps the audience get to the real essence of the artist—they feel they’re getting beyond the branding and the manufactured image. Music is about soul after all isn’t it so being able to share what you’re really thinking and doing would seem to make sense to me."

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